2023 Publications


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L. Yao, K. Zheng, N. Koripally, N. Eedugurala, J.D. Azoulay, X. Zhang, T.N. Ng, “Structural pseudocapacitors with reinforced interfaces to increase multifunctional efficiencyScience Advances, 2023, 9(25), eadh0069.


S. Wu, L. Zeng, Y. Zhai, C. Shin, N. Eedugurala, J.D. Azoulay, T.N. Ng, “Retinomorphic Motion Detector Fabricated with Organic Infrared SemiconductorsAdvanced Science. 2023, 2304688.


N. Koripally, L. Yau, N. Eedugulrala, J.D. Azoulay, T.N. Ng, “Electro-Polymerization Process with Double-Sided Electrodes for Supercapacitors” IEEE. 2023, IFETC 1-3. 


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