2024 Publications


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T. Bills, C.T. Liu, J. Lim, N. Eedugurala, P. Mahalingavelar, B. Seo, E.T. Hanna, T.N. Ng, J.D. Azoulay, “A General Strategy for Enhancing Sensitivity and Suppressing Noise in Infrared Organic Photodetectors Using Non-Conjugated Polymer Additives” Advanced Functional Materials. 2024, 2314210.


J.J.R. Arias, Z. Zhang, M. Takahashi, P. Mahalingam, P. Pimbaotham, N. Yodsin, M. Unno, Y. Liu, S. Jungsuttiwong, J.D. Azoulay, M. Rammo, A. Rebane, R.M. Laine, “Conjugation in polysiloxane copolymers via unexpected Si-O-Si dπ-pπ overlap, a second mechanism” Nature Polymer Journal. 2024, 1-12